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The Window Tab defines each window in the system. The default flag indicates that this window should be used as the default Zoom windows for the tables in this window.

Table Name: AD_Window


Here we will define the new Window and create tabs later like the following:

Description : Tab definition within a window holds fields

Help : The Tab Tab defines each Tab within a Window. Each Tab contains a discrete selection of fields. Note that the display and read only logic is evaluated when loading the window.

Table Name  : AD_Tab


  1. While defining TAB define the table, and create fields in the tab come to field sequence and arrange the sequence of fields.

Table Name  : AD_Field


If we wanna change the name of fields we can  do it from here .

2. The Field Tab defines the Fields displayed within a tab. Changes made to the Field Tab become visible after restart due to caching. If the Sequence is negative, the record are ordered descending. Note that the name, description and help is automatically synchronized if centrally maintained.

Table Name  : AD_Field


Points to Note in creating Window, Tab & Field


  1. Create Window , Tab & Field and then in Tab Window define the table allotted with the tab and then create Fields.
  2. ReArrange Fields from the Field Sequence and edit any fields if needed modification on the Window level.
  3. Edit the name of the fields and modify the spaces and Alignment of the field.


Points to Note in Defining Window, Tab & Field:


  1. When u create window and tab and after performing all the processes trace back to the table and column and allocate the window in the table and column main tab such that we allocate the window to the Table




  1. If we fail to define the window in the Table and Column level the following error will be displayed:

Window ID Invalid

And in case of Desktop Client the  Zoom is disabled.To enable the zoom in the existing tables select the window and allocate in the table



  1. The Reference can be defined on 2 phases in Adempiere
  2. Table level
  3. Window Level



  1. Here reference can be over rided that is defined in the table level, such  that we can use it to retrieve the values of table in extreme cases:
  2. For e.g we can see such an example of extreme case in which reference overwrite is helpful:

In case of Visitor Management we have defined doors which are used by the visitor for the entry and exit . We have used 2 columns for entry door and exit door and we need to show in both, the data stored in Door Master Entrance Door.

If we take 2 columns Entrance Door ID and Exit Door ID in the table and use Table Direct to retrieve the data then the data will be definitely retrieved but we will face errors while Model Class Generation as the complier will try to find the table Exit Door. Hence we need to modify the Reference Type set on the Table Level.


  1. For Such cases we need to override the reference and use in Window Tab and Field and select the reference as ‘Table’ and define the reference here.




  1. While making a Tab Read Only we need to tick on the tick box on the Tab Field which is like this


As Seen here we have 2 tick boxes Read Only and Insert Record on the Tab Level.

Now when we click on Read Only and save the record we will notice the fact that the insert

Record is automatically disabled and even if we uncheck the read only the Insert record still  remains disabled here .

Even if we open the window tab and field again and uncheck and check again the Insert Record remains disabled.

We need to manually tick the Insert Record again in order to make the record work such

the record insertion is enabled in the tab.







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