Table & Field: Adempiere Customization

The Table and Column Window defines all tables with their columns


  • Table (header) definition – Note that the name of most tables is automatically syncronized.
  • Table Name  : AD_Table


  • In Order to create a Table in AD, we need to follow the following steps:-
  1.   Create a table in DB
  2.   Define all the columns and keys (Primary And Foreign ) in DB
  3.   Once Table is declared and defined we need to go login in System Administrator and go to Table and Column and Create New Table
  4.  Keep the same name as in DB and click on Create Columns from DB.
  5.  Columns will be Created and we can check the columns in Columns Tab
  6.  If Columns are not visible do not click on create Columns again, just close the Window and open it again and columns will be present.
  7. The Columns created will be displayed in the columns window here and we need to define any table level references here such that the reference created automatically are overridden in the AD


Column Window

Defines the columns of a table.

Note that the name of the column is automatically syncronized.

Table Name  : AD_Column


The Column Window can perform the following things like:-

  • Making Column Mandatory
  • Setting Reference
  • Adding Callouts to field
  • Setting Display Logic and Default Logic and much more as we can see from the fields.


The System Element of the column is also defined here and we need to refer to the Table and Column as the Column System Element is set here.

Points to Note in Table & Column


  1. Table Direct used but values not Retrieving in the AD Window.

In Order to retrieve the values we need to select the Column as Identifier.  For the columns we need to show we can select  Identifier as such and it will be displayed in the drop down.


  1. When u create window and tab and after performing all the processes trace back to the table and column and allocate the window in the table and column main tab such that we allocate the window to the Table


  1. If we fail to define the window in the Table and Column level the following error will be displayed:

Window ID Invalid

And in case of Desktop Client the  Zoom is disabled.To enable the zoom in the existing tables select the window and allocate in the table




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