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Adempiere has very good mechanism to show a glimpse of overall enterprise performance at single location through dashboard concept. Using dashboard, user can see all the required information in one place. Following is the screenshot of the Dashboard:


With the help of Dashboards, we can show the user whatever he wants from the System and hence can fulfil the user Requests about anything. For e.g. if a user want to know which are the new joined Business Partners we can make a Bar Chart and then we can completely scale the data as present.

Here it shows the Invoice Gross Revenue and Service Requests Status which on double click shows the respective menus and hence shows the data related to that performance parameter.

While we create the dialler for the process, which will show the status of the new added customers



Creating Dashboard in Adempiere

  1. In Order to create Dashboard Elements we need to follow the steps as mentioned below:
    1. Open the Performance Goal Window found in System Admin and enter the data as follows:


Here enter Name of the Dashboard widget and color schema should be selected as “Green (50) – Yellow (100) – Red”.

  1. Select the Role and User if you want to specify this or restrict this dashboard modification to a particular user.
  2. Select the Measure from the Measure check box. If not defined we can define the Measure with the Performance Measure Window.


  1. Select Measure Calculation and select the measure here.


  1. Add SQL Query in the Performance Measure Calculation, which retrieves the data to be shown in the actual widget. i.e For e.g  if we want to view only the Number of Customers which are new then we need to use the SQL select query and this will select all the customers.
  2. Select the Measure Scope and Measure Display in the Window in point 1 and select the month and year in the Measure Window.
  3. Once you define the Measure Goal completely , the dial board will be visible .
  4. In Order to display the Grid with data in it , we need to create record in it which can be done as follows:

image011            5. Here add the Grid Name and Select the Goal and window to be linked with the Grid which will be                      displayed on the dashboard.


The Dashboard will be created hence, and we will get the desired dashboard widgets on the Dashboard. The look and feel can be changed once dialler is displayed.






-Adempiere Support {India Portal}

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