In Order to customize Adempiere we need to have the following tools with us.

  • Eclipse (Any Version for JAVA)
  • Google Chrome(Or Any Browser)
  • Advance Java J2EE Knowledge

Once we have all the basic requirements we need to know how to Debug the Eclipse.

If You still don’t know how to debug the Eclipse you can Refer to the ‘How to Debug Eclipse’ Document and get familiar with Debugging.

When we are past all these we are ready to Customize Adempiere Completely i.e make its our own.



In the Eclipse Code find the Class and edit the following line


Line 303:    setDatabaseSystemPassword(“system”);


Here the method which is called in setDatabaseSystemPassword in which we need to set the DB Password and which is the Default System Password here. Here we Set the Password as System.


Also if u need to change any other field which is shown during Setup of Adempiere you can change the Default Values here like:








If we need to modify the Key Dialog Values we need to modify the class in Adempiere.


String o = mgt.organizationUnit != null   ? mgt.organizationUnit:OSSAGHO”;

String l = mgt.location != null    ? mgt.location : “Ludhiana”;

String s = mgt.state != null    ? mgt.state  : “Punjab”;

String c =!=null ?      System.getProperty(“”);

Here as shown in the class we have line no 292,293,294,295 on such as when we need to change the default values of the Key Store Dialog we need to change the Default values of Adempiere as stated in the Blue Above. Her o stands for Organization , l for location , s for state , c for country.


Once u perform changes in it, and u save you can check the changes by deploying the build .While Deployment  we can check the changes that are effected in Key Store Dialog and Setup Form.




                                                                        -Adempiere Support {India Portal}

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