Files Needed:

  1. Apache Tomcat 6.0.41 (Or Any Version)
  2. Eclipse – IDE for Java EE Developers
  3. System Browser



  1. Install Tomcat Runtimes
    1. First, you need to install a Tomcat runtime for the deploying and running of the zk Web Client. Use Tomcat 5.5+
    2. To install a new Tomcat runtime, open the preferences dialog Window->Preferences and select the Server->Installed Runtimes. Use the Search button to locate your tomcat installation home folder.


  1. Define a New Server

At the Servers view, right click to open the context menu and select New->Server.

If server view is not visible then you can use Window→Show View→Others … to open it. 


  1. Select the correct server type and the server runtime you have setup earlier.


  1. Add your project to the server instance to be created


  1. The created server instance is now ready for use. Just Start the server once and then stop it. Do not try to debug it at this moment.


  1. Define location of ADempiere property file (NotePad File …available in your base folder )and ADempiere home (Place where your code is kept)


Now you have to define the location of your existing working ‘’ file and ADEMPIERE_HOME as system parameter for your Tomcat Instance. To do so, select Run->Open Run Dialog… and select the server instance you have created.



Note that the entries for your server instance in the Run dialog will only be created after you have start it for at least one time. Select the arguments tab and append your property file path and home parameter at the end of VM arguments.

It is highlighted in the pictures below:



  1. In Run Config Add in it in the same series, do not change the series.

Go to classpath section at user entries add external libs from tomcatlib (or tomcatserverlib) than add project – AdempiereTrunk

Apache jars needs to be at the first place in the classpath. See the image carefully along with the description below.


  • Bootstrap Entries
  • JRE Library
  • User Entries
  • tomcat_dir/bin/*.jar
  • tomcat_dir/server/lib/*.jar
  • E2 Project or Trunk
  • Adempiere Libraries i.e. add jasperreport 5.6.0 jar, if not available download, it from Internet


  1. Now Run in Debug Mode, by Right Clicking on the  Project and selecting Run in Debug Mode
  2. Choose the Browser such that, the browser can be used internal or External Browser.
  3. In case Run of the Project in WebUI, right Click on the project and select run project on Web Server.
  4. Your Version will then open in Debug Mode and in order to learn debugging do follow the next document on Debugging.



  1. If u need to change the Database of the WebUI you can do by Changing in the Adempire Properties File , just replace the Username and Password.
  2. Run Configuration is not created till u once start and stop the server.
  3. If your Build is getting failed , observe the errors completely such that you should know which WEB classes are interacting with Desktop Classes and separate them.



-By Adempiere Support {India Portal}

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